FS2Crew Start Center

FS2Crew Start Center download

All FS2Crew owners should always install the latest version of the Start Center
Download the latest version from the developer's website
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Version: 1.0 (x86)
Date update: Jan 26, 2011
Size: 3 MB
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Latest versions of FS2Crew Start Center

1.0 (latest)
Jan 26, 2011

Alternative software

Multi Crew Experience
You can talk to your co-pilot, to native ATC and Radar Contact controllers.
FS Cabin Crew Demo
This demo allows you to fly in the area between El Prat airport and Menorca.
Flight Wizard
VFR and IFR (Canada low-level airspace) flight planning software.
FS2Crew: Wilco-Feelthere Airbus Special Edition
Make your Wilco feelThere Airbus come alive with this multi-crew expansion pack.
FS2Crew: FSX PMDG 747 Edition
The PMDG 747 FSX Edition of FS2Crew is a major release in the FS2Crew series.